Im outa here!

You know when it’s time to change jobs, it’s just something you know inherently, no one can tell you when you are ready, you will know it. And when it actually happens, all the other puzzle pieces fall into place around that one decision you have made…

For a while I have been knowing it’s time for me to move on, too many things were getting in the way of a good day and a good day was lesser and lesser easy to find, it got more and more difficult to keep the positive,keep smiling and you reach the point where you know you have to make a move, not for yourself only but for the sake and sanity of your family and friends.

After you know it, the time has come that you are moving out of your old office and into your new one, and you are filled with mixed feelings, excitement, sadness, enthusiasm, angst…
Although the work environment you are leaving has become a bit more than a pain in the rear, you’ve still made a considerable amount of friends and acquaintances at your old job, people who lifted you up on a bad day, people who encouraged you and people with whom you could crack a joke from time to time, just to get the day to pass quicker or less painfully. Some people actually crawl deep in your heart and you find that you have so much in common and you become great friends and all of a sudden you need to say bye to each other, sure everyone promises to keep in touch but it gets complicated in everyday life.

…………on the other hand I cannot wait to start the new journey, new people, new systems, new way of doing things, new building, new desk, new pen, new chair, new route to work, new sights all round! and its true change is as good if not better than a holiday! ūüôā
and this feeling tends to overwhelm the feeling of will I be what they need, what they want, what they are expecting, will I be a success? only time will tell…
God knows He opened this door for me, and I am here to learn from Him, so let His will be done in my life, all I do is praise and honour Him for all the blessings!
Thank you Jesus, thank you for the excitement, the fear the uncertainly and the never-ending grace that surrounds me every day.


Liebster Award

liebster-awardIm happy to be nomintated by Eat Sunshine for Breakfast (Sara) for Nominating me, this is such a fun idea! Here goes:

Here are the Liebster Award Rules:
1.Thank and link to the person who nominated you and display the Liebster Award
2.State the Liebster Award rules
3.Give 11 random facts about yourself
4.Answer the 11 questions given to you
5.Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 followers
6.Give them 11 questions to answer
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11 Random Facts About Myself
1. I love reading fantacy adventures (Harry Potter being top of my list)
2. I adore my husband of 6 years, we must have been married in a previous life ūüôā
3. Lavendar talc smells like my late granny, miss her so much xxx
4. I’m a practical thinker and get irritated by people who are too dreamy
5. I love all living creatures, especially dogs, they are the best friends you could ever have!
6. I love God and I believe that the Best IS Yet To Come!
7. My favourite food is pizza
8. My favourite city is my home town Cape Town South Africa
9. Im the baby the the family with an older sister and a mommy, Dad passed on when I was 5years old.
10. I am a Receptionist and love meeting new people
11. I hate hairdressers, I cut colour and treat my own hair and I love love love Henna!

Questions from Eat Sunshine for Breakfast
1. What’s your favourite season? I love all seasons, Summer heat is great cause then I can swim, Winter is great cuase then i can snuggle up infront the fire, Autumn is great cause of the pretty colours the trees make, Sprint is great love the flowers booming!
2. All time fav show? Revenge
3. What animal I would be? Bird, I would love th freedom of flying
4. Country If travel to next? Id love to see Europe, Greece in particular
5. Earliest memory I have? playing in the backyard waiting on my hair to dry- I had lots of it and mum believed in all things natural ūüôā
6. Instagram or Twitter? Instagram
7. Whats my phone background right now? A picture of me and my love
8. Song selected on my ipod? Dont have an ipod lol!
9. My favourite drink? Guava juice ūüôā
10. Vacate in the woods or by the ocean? Both but ive overdone the ocean so would go for the woods this time ūüôā
11. Fav colour? Blue!

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Questions for you
1. What is your favourite part of your body?
2. Whats your least best asset?
3. What makes you giggle?
4. Vanilla or Chocolate?
5. If you won the lotto, what would you do?
6. If you were a super hero who would you be?
7. What is your favourite fruit?
8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
9. Whats your motto in life?
10. Name your first pet’s name
11. What’s your pet peeve?

I hate feeling like a victim


I’m¬†the gutsy type… I¬†am proud to say I¬†commute to work daily have been for years and years…nothing fases me. Cape Town’s mini bus taxi’s , trains (metrofail) etc. I’ve been there got the t-shirt , the scars and the story behind the story….

Always laughed when people look at me in angst; Are you not afraid you will get robbed, mugged or hurt? ‘no!’ its only people travelling just like me!’



and then I got mugged…

I hate being a statistic

I hate feeling so useless


just another silly girl being mugged


that’s me


I never take out my phone on the train, I¬†know I¬†must be careful, I¬†don’t¬†even like listening to music while I¬†travel because¬†then I¬†cant hear announcements and clues all around me while I¬†travel…why this day was different? I¬†don’t¬†know, why did I¬†suddenly¬†feel the urge to plug-in¬†the earphones, and let my thoughts drift into nothingness..I¬†know that’s¬†what you are not supposed to¬†do! why did I do it?

next thing

im being squashed between three guys, they don’t¬†use¬†any force, they don’t¬†need to , im flabbergasted¬†cause I¬†wasnt paying attention , its like taking candy from a baby, before I know whats going on, they have found my phone in my bag, disconnected my earphones and slipped away unnoticed by me or those around me,…… GONE!

all my contacts, my sweet messages saved , me pictures, my love notes¬†from hubby, my birthday¬†reminders, my memo’s to myself to remember when convention is, when my period is due, when to fetch my order, what time my doctor’s appointment¬†is….all the little things you don’t¬†write¬†down cause¬†you have a smartphone… of all, it was¬†the only thing that kept me on time since I¬†didnt need a watch anymore….

but biggest of all, it was my connection with family , those you only get to see at funerals….the instatn messages across space and time….thts what I miss mostly….

yes I¬†am grateful that my life is spared, I didn’t¬†get hurt, im unscathed, yes God was protecting me even though I¬†was on autopilot, yes i¬†am more vigilant now…but willit happen again? probably….because it was so random…becuase it happened while I¬†knew I should have¬†been more careful….its a moment of stupidity i like to call it, that¬†moment when your good common sense just takes a leave of absence¬†for a short while, but that minute is enough to change your life…..sometimes temporarily…but very easily for good…..




Happy with you

Everyone¬†wants to be happy….everyone… but how? Firstly its common knowledge that you can’t¬†be happy by not connecting¬†with people…so people affect your happiness…well its very very¬†difficult to be happy with no human connections in your life right? But then in the same breath¬†I wana¬†say that you can’t¬†stick your happiness onto someone, it can’t¬†be dependable on someone else because then your happiness isn’t yours…its someone else’s right?

I’ve¬†noticed so many times that Earl and I compliment each others moods, most days he is the serious¬†one…(no Earl!? really???yes!!!!!) although people experience him to be the funny jovial person he can be, he is the more serious¬†of the two of us. I’m¬†the optimist, the morning person. So I’ll¬†come from work on a regular day…bearing in mind i¬†did commute so I¬†don’t¬†pay attention to traffic or other drivers or whatever..he does and¬†this adds to his mood. By the time I get home its easy to engage¬†in human communication ūüôā im chilled ready to chat ask how your day was etc. needless to say poor Earl is still a bit stuck i¬†the frustration of the work day, the agitation of the drive home and it takes a bit of time to ease out. So I’ll be in an easy chatty mood and he will be in a quiet (unwinding) mood, but give me some time and soon I’ll have him as easy¬†as I am….even on the days he is really agitated. All it takes is a little effort on my part plus a little determination…I’m determined not to fall into your mood, I’m determined to make you smile ūüôā

Some days it’s a¬†simple joke or telling him about something stupid id done at work today or just giving him a big fat hug, other days it’s a¬†bit more difficult, and even less communicative, letting him blow steam off, just¬†sitting next to him holding his hand, kissing him softly and persistently in his neck or my secret weapon always works: laying my head on his shoulder, just there in that nook that his head and shoulder creates, perfect size to fit my usually abnormal head into, its warm, its snug, it smells¬†gooooood¬†and I’m¬†close to his heart so i¬†can listen to it and feel his breathing and sync mine to his and sooner rather than later ill feel his hand kink around my arm or feel him squeeze me from the side…i¬†feel you…i know your here, i appreciate you … i love you… and the next thing we will be chatting and talking stupid stuff in no time…

I’m happy with you¬† by my side….you complete me… you fulfill me…..

in that moment there is nothing more urgent, nothing more pressing to be done…dinner can wait; my need to clean hair can wait; the TV show starting next can wait, the world can wait….cause right now you are enough and im feeling that warm fuzzy feeling inside, it starts right down in my tummy…it starts to feel warm, then it slowly creeps up around my lungs, up into my arms and next and makes my cheeks pink and soon I feel my toes are warm and happy too….


that’s right


that’s you